Waterfall Lottery Ticket

(beta 0.1.0)

It is not just a casino where you can buy a lottery ticket and lose all your money if you are unlucky; it is a decentralized token that guarantees tokens that can be sold on DEX at any time if you lose the lottery. Our advantage is a transparent bot that announces whether or not you have won the lottery, as well as saving you time, because each $100+ purchase of WLT tokens is one lottery, and there is no need to spin the drum at a specific time

Join us in creating a wonderful community. We've been expecting you!

Upcoming games

As our project progresses, we will work on developing new games, and if there is a demand, we will make offers. We are building together!

Crystal Card 1 Crystal Card 2 Crystal Card 3

Our Roadmap

Because we are still in beta, the list will be longer, we ask for your patience

2023 April

We list our token on Camelot DEX and provide initial liquidity, launching the jackpot

2023 May

Developing new games, looking for interesting partnerships and listing our project on hot wallets

2023 June

We are planning a giveaway for the top 100 active holders and project participants

2023 July

We are looking for new opportunities for advancement


  • What is the distinction between your casino and centralized casinos?

    We provide a transparent code that employs our bot and smart contract, and you will not leave the game empty-handed, because if you lose the lottery, you will receive WLT tokens that you can use as you see fit

  • What is WLT?

    Waterfall Lottery Ticket is a decentralized on-chain lottery which provides excellent service to anyone who enjoys taking risks on the Arbitrum blockchain

  • Where can I purchase tokens?

    Camelot, everyone's favorite DEX, is used

  • What is the initial liquidity?

    .777 ETH

  • What is the total supply?

    333,333 WLT


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